How We're Different

At NeuBeam, we believe that where you live shouldn’t limit your access to today’s connected world. That’s why we are building a strong and reliable network to provide people in rural communities with high-speed Internet service at affordable prices, something that was previously available only in more densely populated metropolitan areas. Different households have different needs. Our plans are designed to accommodate different levels of demand families might have. All our customers can get online quickly from any device—computer, smartphone or tablet—and enjoy the same quality of service without interruptions or delays. Our network is built on a foundation of advanced broadband technology and cutting-edge hardware. And our service and technical support are local and available around the clock.

Why Connection Matters

With NeuBeam you will use the Internet the way it’s intended to be used and connect with the people, places and things that matter most. When people make connections, the power of technology, information, and ideas compound and multiply. Innovation soars and energizes the marketplace. Entrepreneurs, civic leaders and enterprises alike create jobs that lift their communities. It’s especially important where people are hungry for access to the education, goods, services and jobs that lead to a better future. Let us help you enjoy a richer life and keep your connections strong.

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What our customers are saying:

We have never had a connection like this. The speed is blazing fast and we are now able to watch videos and stream movies, without any buffering or other difficulties. Plus, we don’t have to worry about data caps any more. NeuBeam is awesome!

- Ken Raines

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