Garrett County Community Action, Rural Maryland Council and NeuBeam

Made possible through a grant from RMC


  • High-Speed Internet at speeds up to 20x faster than DSL
  • No data caps and low monthly service fees
  • Exclusive offer for GCCAC participants – no charge for installation and equipment
  • Great for shopping, streaming, learning, working and socializing

Who is Eligible

Qualified GCCAC Participants The intent of this program opportunity is to enable families and individuals with limited and or no access to broadband Internet to receive a service that will improve the quality of life and use of the Internet.

Eligibility to participate will be at the determination of Garrett County Community Action Committee (GCCAC). If you are currently enrolled to receive programs or services offered by GCCAC, then upon verification of enrollment you will be approved. All other eligibilities will be determined on a case by case basis by GCCAC and are subject to verification, enrollment, and based upon standards established in the Federal guidelines for poverty.

  • Eligible participants agree to use the equipment for lawful purposes only.
  • Participants are only eligible for a one-time qualification per physical address.
  • Equipment cannot be returned to GCCAC or its partners for cash, credit, or other.
  • End users of equipment and service agree to indemnify GCCAC and its partners from all damages due to the loss of service resulting from service interruptions, damaged equipment, illegal activities, and all acts of nature.
  • All monthly fees associated with the use of the service are the end-user’s responsibility. Failure to remain current with monthly fees may result in the suspension of service.

If you are not currently enrolled to receive programs and services at Garrett County Community Action, but are interested in this program, click this link to check eligibility: Check Eligibility

For further info, please contact


By participating, the end user(s) acknowledge(s) that GCCAC is not a service provider; performs no installation; conducts no site assessments; performs no diagnostic testing related to site conditions or location; exhibits no control over influence of business and or marketing decisions of Declaration Networks Group (DNG) including its partners and or subsidiaries. GCCAC is not a party to business operations within existing or future service areas of DNG.

This offer will be in effect until while funding lasts. GCCAC does reserve the right to end the program at any time without prior notice.

GCCAC reserves the right to change terms and conditions as needed without notice.


For more information, call:

act_nowNeuBeam brings you reliable, high-speed Internet service using state-of-the art technology. Choose from multiple service options that best serve you and your family’s Internet usage needs.

Residential Internet Service

Additional important information: Customer Equipment, Home Network, and How it Works and Internet FAQs.

Basic Beam


  • Speed Down/Up
  • 5Mbps / 5Mbps*
  • Contract Term
  • 24 month contract
  • Great For
  • Household with Light Usage, up to 3x Faster than DSL, No Data Caps

  • *These represent maximum download and upload speeds
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Basic Beam Plus


  • Speed Down/Up
  • 10Mbps / 5Mbps*
  • Contract Term
  • 24 month contract
  • Great For
  • Households with Moderate Usage, 5x Faster than DSL, No Data Caps

  • *These represent maximum download and upload speeds
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Power Beam


  • Speed Down/Up
  • 20Mbps / 10Mbps*
  • Contract Term
  • 24 month contract
  • Great For
  • Households with Heavy Usage, 10x Faster than DSL, No Data Caps

  • *These represent maximum download and upload speeds
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Equipment & Installation





Waiver of installation and equipment exclusively available for GCCAC participants


limited_timeIn addition to Internet, add unlimited inbound & outbound local and long distance phone service at only $30 a month.
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Computer and Internet Skills Seminar Series
NeuBeam along with partners Garrett County Community Action and Rural Maryland Council present the Computer & Internet Skills Seminar Series. Improve your computer and internet skills and learn how to Connect to What Matters to you! LEARN MORE
Garrett County Government is working with NeuBeam to expand broadband service to targeted unserved and underserved areas through a project partially funded by an Appalachian Regional Commission Grant.

What our customers are saying:

Eric picked up, answered all my questions and, in fact, he had already been to my home and checked my signal! So far, you guys get an A+ from me!

- M.J. Golibart

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